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Mine does not have barrel notches. I think the reason for it might be that the shroud on mine has a barely detectable amount of clocking play.
In the case of the original barrel open sight,both it and the front sight are shroud mounted. The play is not a big deal.

But with a receiver mounted sight,any error is too much.It would be a windage error thing.

For Remigton they had spare parts. I don't think I'd apply a torch to the barrel shround. Things can go wonky. You don't know what stress is in that thin wall. You et t warm and it an change shape.

When I take that little bit of wiggle out it will likely be with Loctite. A grade that will release in a pot of hot peanut oil.

That side mounted peep is cool as an original. It reqires the receiver to be swiss cheesed with holes.Thats cool if the gun came that way.I'm not inclined to do t.

I have a Redfield peep like the one on the "civilian" rifle.You get one factory drilled and tapped hole on the Remington.

Mine is not contoured well to fit the receiver.Its going to take some carving and some Hi-spot.

When I was given my rifle it had a hardware store stove bolt holding the split forend on. Safety lever was bent,shroud looked like it rode in the pickup between the handy-man jack and the tire chains.
I have it fixe up pretty well. E-bay gets these guns as "part-outs"

That Redfeild peep can be found at prices not too crazy.The Lyman and Marble tang sights bring collector prices.
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