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FBI Remington model 81

I like the old "motor bandit" era law enforcement weapons and have a nice .30 Remington model 81 and an equally nice 1907 Winchester .351 rifle. Both of these rifles were popular with law enforcement back in the day.

Even so, I've always wanted an actual FBI Remington model 81. I recently won a Remington model 81 at an online auction and believe it is a former FBI rifle.

The biggest tip off is that the FBI ordered their rifles with the Lyman 41 rear peep sight. Because that sight covered the serial number when installed, the FBI had Remington move the manufacturer and serial number lettering on the receiver over to where it is stacked under the model information.

Here is the left side of the receiver on my "civilian" model 81...

And here is the left side of an FBI model 81

And this is the left side of my new Model 81

It has the manufacturer and serial number "stacked" under the model information, which I understand is unique to the model 81's made for the FBI. It also has the Lyman 41 sight, is chambered in .30 Remington and has the "notches" cut in the barrel shroud, where Remington brazed the barrel shroud to the barrel shroud head at the FBI's request.
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