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Colt will not be able to help you. The serial numbers of many of these models had the same last digits. You have to have the entire serial number.

Colt stamped the serial number on the bottom of the butt of the New Army & Navy until the model was discontinued in 1907.

When the new double action design known as the Army Special was introduced in 1908 the location of the serial number of all Colt double action revolvers was changed to the frame under the barrel and on the inside of the crane.

Colt did not always stamp the serial number inside the side plate.
A neighbor asked me to clean her 1910 Colt Police Positive and there was no side plate number inside.

There is one way to make a gun with an obliterated serial number legal..... Apply to the BATF to have a new serial number issued, and have a FFL gunsmith stamp that number on the frame.
These numbers will usually have "BATF" or "ATF" as the serial number prefix.

I doubt that you'd get into any trouble with this, if nothing else because few local law enforcement or even BATF agents would have any idea that the numbers on the parts are not the serial number.
That this model had a serial number on the bottom of the butt is something few people in law enforcement would have ever heard of.
To most of them, this would just be an old obsolete revolver of no interest to them.

In any case, due to the condition I doubt you'd want to attempt to fire it anyway.
These models have a very complicated, fragile action that breaks or gets out of order rather easily.....treat it gently.
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