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It's a Federal Felony to have a firearm that's had the serial number removed or defaced.
This thought occurred to me, as well. Now, here's the question, is the pistol an "antique" and therefore not a "firearm" under current Federal law? Does the ser# "requirement" apply?

As I understand the law, while firearms were not required to have a serial number until 1968, if the gun ever had one, and it has been removed or defaced, no matter who did it, or when, you cannot legally possess it.

Whether or not this applies to the Colt you have is a question I cannot answer. Generally, surrendering the prohibited firearm voluntarily (IF that's what it is) doesn't result in prosecution. BUT it could, if the authorities so desired.

It will cost $$$ but the safest thing is to get QUALIFIED legal advice. And, I'd do it sooner, rather than later. Best case, its a legal antique and not a "firearm" under the law, so "possession of a firearm with a removed/defaced serial #" does not apply. Worst case, you're looking at a Federal Felony conviction and all that entails. Also, be aware that even if its a "best case" under Federal law, it might not be, under your state law. It is possible.

Talk to a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of these things. Seriously.
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