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Post this on the Colt Forum.
One member actually wrote the standard reference on the Colt New Army & Navy models.

RAC are the initial of Renaldo A Carr the US government inspector of military Colt pistols.
There should be an RAC stamp on the left side of the frame at the top, right in front of the hammer if it's a US military pistol.
If there is no RAC stamp on the frame, it's a civilian model.

All Colt New Army & Navy revolvers, whether military or commercial had the serial number stamped on the bottom of the butt.
Military models would also have the US Army or Navy stamp.

Military models had smooth walnut grips, commercial models had hard black rubber grips with molded in checkering and Colt logos.
Navy models had the COLT name on the top, Army models had the Colt pony at the top.
Colt would install a lanyard loop on commercial guns on order.
Some guns had lanyards added after-market, not by Colt.

In your case I think you have a commercial model Colt New Army with a replacement military cylinder.
The numbers on small parts are factory assembly numbers used to keep fitted parts together during manufacture.
Often the assembly number is not related to the serial number.
All assembly numbers should match.

The problem..... It's a Federal Felony to have a firearm that's had the serial number removed or defaced.
I doubt anyone would be concerned about a 100+ years old revolver chambered for an obsolete cartridge, but an anti-gun cop or prosecutor could put you in jail if you're caught with it.
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