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Too bad about the copyright thing, I am sure it keeps you from showing us many interesting things like blank actions, standards and gauges.
thank you, I was on another forum that when a shooter, reloader, collector/bench rester ask a question about chamber casting. I had my doubts if any member on the forum had ever case a chamber but as always with difficult questions the thread went south in a hurry with the insults etc. I ask the new member to contact me off line if he was interested in help. I also apologized for the forums bad behavior because they insulted him also.

the man was very talented and shot some very fine rifles, all he needed was a little help. And now he is as good as anyone when it comes to casting the chamber and he realized he would have never gotten there with the help of a forum. And it was not long after that event the forum pulled the plug.

And I thought the forum could have used the talents of the new member. He called back on other matters, we worked through them, he never thought it could be that easy.

I also contacted 308w out on Long Island, he decided he did not have time.

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