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One of the most accurate rifles I own is a Remington 03; it was made available by all the dealers at a gun show. they were giving the seller a bad time, as time past the rifle got cheaper and cheaper.

Anyhow, I purchased the rifle with two boxes of 30/06 Remington ammo. there was nothing about the rifle that was Santa Fe but the stamp on the barrel. That was the day I took a seller to the bank with me to get the money. He was not used to going to the bank with a pick up full on guns, he left me.

No markings: I have a picture of 6 03 receivers without names and numbers, one of the receivers has the 30/04 slot through the rear receiver ring. And then? A number of receives show up at the Tulsa Gun show.

At the same show dealers were talking about a presentation Mauser; they were excited. By the end of the day I made it to the back table where the rifle was located. By that time the dealer had his mind made up he had the find of the century. And I asked: "Is there a chance I could see the rifle", he dug it out.

First question: What were you asking at the beginning of the day? He said he was asking $150 dollars, Next question: Did you have any offers? He said yes but the man making the offer claimed it was a SPECIAL rifle and worth more, much more. I told him he should have taken the first offer, Everyone got carried away with the stamp, the stamp on the receiver was a large circle with the American spread eagle in the center. The eagle in the center of the circle was the stamp of National Arms.

And then there was National Arms: I understand there are many that snicker and make snarky comments about National Arms/Santa FE. They were not on the mailing list, and there were many that were on the mailing list that did not know and or understand what they were looking at.

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