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Factory Cobray Sten magwell M11/9mm

Hello.... well, I just purchased a Cobray with a Sten mag well. The SN has the pre fix of 83, so I imagine it is from 1983.

I was under the impression that unmodified Sten mags would be used (have a bunch) but it appears it is not so. The limited searching & research has made conclude there are two versions of a Sten magazibe well. One use unmodifed Sten mags. Another version, is said to be used on Cobray M11/9mm guns from the factory, uses a Sten mag modifed by adding an flat extension on the back of the magazine for the magazine catch to latch. I inspected they catch on my M11 & looks like a normal mag catch (the Sten mag catch on FTF website is longer).

Yes, I understand there were conversions done to use Stens. But I am quite certain this is not a conversion.

So, my question is, how many factory Sten magwell Cobray M11/9mm were made?

Does any one have a source for Sten mags modified for use with this style? Folks have posted seeing Sten mags with the Cobray logo...

Or... does anyone know the dimentions/specifications for the location of spacer? I have mags I can modify... and one magazine came with the gun (spacer was JB Welded on). I have a mig welder and even (gasp) an accytelyne gas welding. Or I could try JB Weld... lol

The spacer looks to be the same thickness of the oem Sten outer sheet metal skin. I can probably extrapolate its measuring the difference between the magazine length below sheet metal wrap & below it.

Thanks for any help!
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