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Originally Posted by JohnB1987 View Post
I'm looking to purchase my first suppressor, but will be moving from Tennessee to Nevada in 5 months, which seems would be longer than the NFA wait period.

I'd obviously like to get the waiting period started asap, but am not sure if moving just complicates things too much and if I'd be better off just waiting until after I move. I have no clue what the process would be to change my address once the process had started.
A dealer can’t transfer an NFA item to anyone who lives out of state. So if you move to a new state before a tax stamp comes back, the dealer would have to cancel the Form 4 (you eventually get your $200 back), file a Form 3 to ship the NFA item to a dealer in your new state, and then you’d have to file a new Form 4 all over again from scratch with the new dealer.
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