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Condolences on your loss

First and foremost my condolences on loosing your home.

My wife and I had a house fire earlier this year. While it's been a major PITA getting the place rebuilt due to not much available labor, I am not bothered at all about the delays.
My wife had the presence of mind to close doors as she got out of dodge after discovering the fire, I was travelling on business. Her closing the doors and the supersonic response by our local firefighters saved our home.

We have it very good compared to the Norcal folks like you. Hang in there. Congrats on finding the old Colt, it will make a nice display. I would be sure to put a note in the display case indicating the fire damage, just in case.

Perhaps disabling the Colt would be a good idea too. Not hard to plug the barrel or otherwise prevent it being loaded and fired.
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