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Thanks for the reply.

Jeff Copper was right about a lot of things. My last duty gun was a 10mm Delta Elite. City fathers required the officers to carry automatics, but would not supply them. They thought all autos were 9mm. Previously we carried the same pistol the Texas DPS carried, S&W model 66. We often backed up the officers in our county.

Let's start with the wheel guns. The most accurate gun was the Vaquero 32. I am capable with it as I had emptied the revolver in 3 seconds during SASS matches, but reloading takes it off the list. Next wheel gun is the 66, 4". It was great for duty carry with two speed loaders on the belt, but hiding the gun and all the speed loaders would look like you trying to sneak a six pack into a concert. Even the smaller 36 with "speed" strips would still provide lots to cover. Got the speed strips and even after some practice they were not very speedy. They would hold 6 rounds but usually one ended up on the ground. Even with practice it was necessary to look at the cylinder to get the rounds loaded.

That leaves the autos. Rescued the Browning BDA. It was neglected and abused, but ran like a Browning. A good cleaning, a trip to CCR for coating, fresh Pacameyer grips and a new extractor revealed a dependable gun. Carried a S&W 669 as a backup duty gun, which is about the same size as the BDA. Daughter likes to shot it at the range. The Browning High Power is a retired detective's pistol. Always thought the 40 S&W would be ideal in a High Power. The front sight fell off during the first range session and the project began. I thought it was my carry choice, but I just cannot bear to leave it in the evidence room if I had to use it. So the TA-90 is the choice by default. Look back at the data and the TA-90 is the most accurate auto of the group. It is easiest to return to aim and has the most rounds in the magazine. I have heard the comment about the slide release before, but the TA has the dog leg release and it is instinctive for me to use my left thumb to release it. Mr. Dfariswheel pointed out the remedy for the sticky mag drop which will be the first mod to this gun.

At the qualifying session I scored an unbelievable 278 out of 250. The shooter in the next lane provided a few extra points for me. Ask if I could reshoot and was informed that the reshoot would require all five lanes and only one target. So no more fun that day.

So now to find a holster the is invisible and comforting.

Again thanks for the feed back. May I never need to draw it, but it will be near at hand.

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