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Recent experience of mine, not quite yet fully through it (since I haven't picked up the rifle to know)..

M&P 10, bought new in March - sent it back to them in April, basically not put together right, something I could've fixed but I wanted it done right without causing any warranty question later.

Was very easy getting the process started but an error was made where they sent the shipping label to the wrong email, so a 2nd call was needed, but they stayed on the phone the 2nd time to make sure I got it.

Within a few weeks of returning it I got confirmation the repair was in process, that I should see the rifle in 2 weeks, and additionally that they needed to replace the lower, so needed an FFL to ship it to. I quickly provided the FFL.

Waited a few days, got no confirmation they received the info or were preparing to ship, or what they were doing. Sent email to the person who requested the shipping info - no response. Called a day or two after that, transferred to her voicemail.. Waited a few days, no return call, called back and the rep said he talked to her and she would call me back "today" (and all I wanted was confirmation they were OK w/ the FFL and some ballpark of when they would ship - kinda silly to need to bug them over that)..

Still I got no call, no email, called again a few days after that and the rep confirmed everything was all set but was not sure on shipping ballpark just that it should not be long.

Then without any communication it arrived at my FFL about 2 weeks later. Has been there about a week, waiting on some other things I ordered to show up so I can do one background check and pickup.

Provided I have a good working rifle I guess it went OK, was fairly easy and of no cost to me, but their communication is very lacking - they should at least send an email to confirm/update customers - ie when rifle is repaired, when FFL info is received, to confirm shipping, return phone calls from customers.

Basically if I just stupidly shipped the rifle in, sent them the FFL when they asked, and never once thought about anything, the experience would be no stress I guess.. But most people are not quite that patient or trusting, so a very small amount of communication would go a long way.
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