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I've had to contact S&W customer service a couple times now for my M&P22 Compact. The 1st time was to request a wrench for the thread protector. They obliged and a week later, I had received the wrench in the mail. The 2nd time was about an issue with the adjustable rear sight. I noticed the rear sight blade was loose and able to wiggle back and forth freely. Upon further inspection, I found that a tiny spring was missing from behind the windage adjustment screw on the rear sight assembly. I contacted S&W and explained the problem. A week later, I had an envelope in my mailbox with the missing spring, but also an additional adjustment screw and a rear sight blade. Both times, I corresponded via email. Both times I received a response the next day. Both times I had the needed parts within a week. So far, S&W has lived up to the hype.

For me, the customer service has been good, but.....not needing customer service would be better. I have cheaper firearms from less reputable companies that have never needed customer service.

Bittersweet would be a good description of S&W customer service. To have good customer service is asking for a backhanded compliment...imo.
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