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To directly answer your question, I will point out that my 22 silhouette targets are made of 1/4" steel and they get battered up after very little shooting with rimfire rounds. If a bullet leaves a dent in your target it is not good enough for the round you are using.

40 and 45 need at least 3/8" AR5oo steel and you will usually find 1/2" AR500 being used. At the local range we have to reverse our 1/2 falling plates every six months or so because the begin to dish from all the use.
I put three consecutive shots through a 3/8" AR 500 plate that was 3/8" thick with my 357 Maximum and 158 grain bullets from 50 yards. The gong didn't move and I thought I had missed until I got closer to the gong.

Use the right material of the right thickness for the rounds you shoot.
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