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Smith & Wesson Customer Service

Has anybody had bad customer service from S&W lately?

I had never dealt with them before and I have been reading good reviews of S&W from members here.

I had sent them my .380 bodyguard as it was misfiring which they had received August 23, 2017 and have not heard from them until I called. I called two Fridays ago and they did confirmed they had it and the rep did see that it was just "sitting" there. He was going to see if he can speed the process and that was it for the conversation. No call for a few days and I called again. When I gave my rma #, the rep asked me what was it sent for. So I told him about the misfiring. I even asked the rep what is the time frame for reviewing and repairing firearms if needed. They said from 3-5 weeks. This worried me as it seemed to me they had no idea why it was there for when I sent what was asked of me with all details when I sent the firearm to S&W. He said he was going to check and call me again. Few days passed and nothing again. Will be calling again today.

As this is my first time dealing with S&W, I don't want to judge quickly and have a negative idea of S&W. The only thing that bothers is the fact they I don't know what is the reason for them asking me why it was there after 1 month and the fact they don't call to let me know what is going on. Makes it seem as there is something else wrong based on the second conversation with the rep last Wednesday.

Is this something I should be of concerned with? I just purchased a 9mm shield. If this is what I am to expect from S&W, then that sucks for me.

I understand that there are other people ahead of me.
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