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The last major purchase of 1911A1 by the military was in 1945, and all pending contracts were cancelled. The war was over and we had more than enough pistols for the future "peace".

I inspected literally thousands of them while I was in the Army, repaired VERY few, because very few needed it. Serviceability was the criteria, accuracy was not.

I saw several 1911s still in arms rooms, a couple still looked nearly new. 1911A1s ranging from new looking (not many, but some) to well worn, but still serviceable finishes.

My maint. level covered everything short of replacing the frame or refinishing the pistol. VERY few came to the shop for repair, the most common thing needing replacement was grips and recoil spring, and that was done at the company level. What I got in the small arms shop was a small number of guns needing replacement sights, or having loose plunger tubes, and guns that had been used by gorillas who stripped/loosened the grip screw bushings.

Sure, they were loose, and many rattled, but they WORKED. And if you couldn't hit a man's torso at pistol ranges (somewhere) the fault was yours.

And that all the Army required, really.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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