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Pictures of the markings on the wrist will tell more, but for now.

It was made after 1949 (before that it was the "No4 Mk1" with a different trigger.) & a conversion would be marked as a "No4 Mk1/2", or "No4 Mk1/3" at the Royal Small Arms Factory (ROF) Fazakerly, near Birmingham. There should be a matching serial number on the rear face of the bolt handle & on the bottom of the magazine.

For some reason it was given a complete factory re-build (FTR = "Factory Thorough Repair") at the Fazakerly Ordinance factory in the midlands in in 1956 before being sold to the US before 1968. (The import stamp is a pre'68 style.)
Its arguably the last, best & nicest of the Lee Enfields.
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