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Why would you want to dry fire your shotgun?
Dry firing any gun causes metal fatigue. On some guns this fatigue is minimal. On others it sets up stresses quickly. A firing pin on a shotgun has limited travel, and is stopped by one of two things- the tip of the pin hitting a soft copper alloy primer, or the shoulders of the pin hitting the end of the fpin channel-with no cushioning. The latter can cause work-hardening of the firing pin-leading to failure.
It depends if the OP is talking about dry firing one time to relieve tension on the hammer spring, or doing repeated dry firings for practice.

In the first case, no, it won't hurt to dry fire that one time; In the second case, what BillDeShivs says is true.

In either case, snap caps can't hurt anything, and may help.
As always, YMMV.
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