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I think you'll find that these were the correct color codes for primer sealant.
United Kingdom & Commonwealth Countries before 1955
including Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and South Africa
Bullet Type                                Color of Tip                           Color of Annulus
Amour Piercing                       Green                                        Green
Ball                                              None                                        Purple
Incendiary                                  Blue                                           Blue
Observing                                  Black                                         Black
Proof                                           None                                        Yellow
Tracer Short Range                   White                                       Red
Tracer Dark Ignition                   Grey                                         Red
Tracer Long Range                    Red                                         Red
Blue would have been Incendiary, Ball would have been Purple (which might be confused with Blue under some lighting, but tracer was either White, Grey, or red.
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