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I know this is an old thread, but ran across it and thought I could add some info. The OP's Luger is known as an "Alphabet Commercial", probably dating from around 1923, and is a very common type. I have one with a k suffix, so made just a bit earlier.

When the commercial production restarted (.30 cal and shorter 3-5/8" barrels per the treaty) and serial numbers got close to 100,000 after WWI, DWM decided to start over with a military-style numbering scheme with 4 numbers and the suffix letter. The guns have commercial style proofs (crown over N or c/N) so there is no confusion as to what type they are. The suffixes started with i in 1921 and ran to r in 1928. There are 10,000 guns for each letter of the alphabet, so that is a lot of guns (approx. 100,000). Not as many as were made in the war itself, but of course a lot of the wartime guns were consumed and/or parted out.

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