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Muzzle to Chrony distance is a given-- 10 to 15 feet what ever you choose. I did 10 feet. What I did was measure from my bolt ( closed ) to muzzle,Add that length to 10 feet and cut piece of string. Now when I go to the range I hook string on bolt and walk chrony out to end of string. Same distance always. Did same with front and rear rests. It is a little on the anal side ,but I am ok with that. There is another post going on in here about MV. The thought came about to- Once you are set at a given distance and are shooting tight groups That I want to bring my other chrony with and set that in front of target at 200 or 300 yards and see what it say's compared to what the charts tell you it will be at that distance. I will have MV and Velocity at 200 or 300 yards for each shot.
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