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Couple of "targets" that don't leave a huge mess behind (which tends to get shooting areas closed quickly around here) are OREO cookies and Pool Cue Chalk.

For the OREO's, get a could of bags from the "Clearance Stores" that most baking companies run. Any "Sandwich Cookie" works great. Take any piece of scrap lumber from 1X2 to 2X4 and drill small holes that will hold a coctail toothpick. Space about 6" apart. Set the board up on sawhorses or big rocks. Put a cookie on each toothpick by sticking the exposed tip into the 'frosting' filling. Bring plenty but only eat the ones that are already broken. The birds and squirrels will clean up after your shooting.

Another target that can often be used on public ranges is the pool cue chalk. Get a target that has room to glue a half-dozen of the chalk blocks on it.

When you 'drill one" they burst into a big blue "puff". Again, cleanup is no issue. The chalk is about $0.30 each but if you use them at 200 and 300 yard ranges they tend to last more than just a few shots. Got to hit em to explode em
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