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My daughter's first time to the range.
She was using a 22 rifle. Me, a Mini 14.
I gave some safety tips but wasn't keeping my eye on her 100% of the time.
The Range Marshal caught her pointing the muzzle in all the wrong directions and lit into her and me pretty good.
He was just a young adult around 20 yrs old and it was embarrasing for me to stand and take it in front of my daughter but I did.
That was years ago. She now shoots a 7mm rem mag with a small sand bag between her shoulder and the butt of the rifle.

It is not natural to look down the barrel of any weapon. The holstered pistol in the OP was not a problem. Just like rifles in rifle cases being swung around are not unsafe. But it would make anyone nervous even though the firearms can not be discharged.
The fella that had the holstered pistol wasn't displaying good manners.
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