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The pistol may not be dangerous when it's holstered, but a pistol draw, or a pistol being holstered --- has a potential of a negligent discharge at those tactical points.

Whatever a guy carries concealed/open carry, is his business. When it comes to our shooting range --- people need to abide by the rules --- which is: no holster pistol carry by any members {far as I know}, except for the RSO's --- otherwise, any pistol carry/draw firing session's, shall be approved by the range committee.

Any cased firearm on the firing line...shall be preferably carried in the muzzle upright position. I know....the double pistol/rifle case presents a quandary, with that being, the first firearm must be taken out with the muzzle upright or pointed downrange --- the case is then reversed --- with the second firearm's muzzle being pointed upwards, or downrange; when it's taken or being put back in the case.
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