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I guess I should be more specific...

Holstered guns that aren't being handled/manipulated aren't dangerous.

We don't "decide which circumstances are ok". Handling the gun is the one and only circumstance that matters. If the gun is being handled, the 4 rules apply. If it is not, they don't.

A holstered handgun is not dangerous. A horizontal shoulder holster, by itself, is not dangerous. Yes, it takes extra precautions/training/thought to draw the gun without unintentionally sweeping bystanders. I wouldn't wear one at a range, because it might make it extra special difficult to draw without sweeping someone but it certainly could be done.

However, as a means of carry, where the gun would only be drawn under dire circumstances, there's nothing dangerous about walking around with the muzzle of the gun pointed at people. I carry on my waist. If I bend at the waist to pick something up or have to get down on my hands and knees to look under my car or something, my gun would point at whoever is behind me. It's not dangerous. I'm not handling the gun.
Thank goodness for a common sense approach to this. I'll add some folks really get me rolling the old eye balls with regards to this type of question as stated in the OP
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