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Ballistol is amazing!

So, a while back, I switched to ATF for all my needs... I cleans well enough for me, lubes fine, and most importantly, prevents the snot out of rust.

Then my buddy and I go to the armory to clean a bunch of M16s that had seen a few thousand rounds, and he brought his Ballistol along. Method used was take them apart 1 to a table, spray them down in order, same order quick clean, final swabbing and wipedown, then reassemble. Honestly, I was amazed... Our supply guy is one of the most anal about clean, dry rifles going in his vault, but none were turned away. That's a first for me.

So I got some, and cleaned my 10/22, my Savage 111, and my .357 revolver. The not-so-smooth bolt on my Savage has smoothed up very noticeably, the 10/22 might be cleaner than the day it was made, and the revolver feels slick no matter how many times I wipe it down. I think I am going to keep the ATF because I KNOW it prevents rust as well as I want/need, but I think that I am sold, fully sold. Smells like soy sauce and black licorice, and feels like snake oil, but for reals!!
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