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"PICs" revolver info needed.

I need some help concerning the origin of a PICs .22 revolver that a friend ask me to clean-up. The only thing on this is the "PIC" stamp on the left side plate & "Made in Italy" on the back end of the cylinder. It looks like some of the old RG Rohm junk from th '70's but its not that nice. Seems to be made of "pot metal" for the frame & a very soft metal on the barrel and cylinder. It's double action only and holds 7 rds. of .22lr. On the bottom of the grip frame is a circle with what looks like RTS in stylized print. The ser.# is S10xx3. Any ideas would be most welcome. This is NOT going to be fired-EVER. A real pos if I ever saw one. It will be a wall hanger in a box from what I've been told. Which is a good thing. Thanks in advance.
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