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Ive researched it and I think it was the .44 special brass that I could load. but I couldnt fire anything other than black powder... BUT that was when I was thinking it was a Colt. I was told that the pressure from anything other than a black powder would turn the gun into flying parts.

I am currently thinking hard about getting the stuff to load my own ammo.

Yes its extremely smooth firing. I can fire it with one hand and barley have any rise out of the weapon. over all I love the way it fires. almost feels like it was made for my hand. I bought a holster for it so i can carry it more around my farm. It kinda disappoints me that its not a colt. not value wise. i could give a rats ass about it being worth more than 375. I was more thinking about how cool it was to be holding a 140 year old iron that fired cleaner and truer than a new SA XD. and yes at about 50 and 75 yards the .44 is a truer weapon. at about 100 yards Im not acurate enough with a pistol for it either to show a difference.
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