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Drilling and tapping of the frame is required, as well as removing material from the frame for cartridge clearance. Purchase of the proper Installation Fixture and Drill and Tap Kit is strongly recommended.
This is from the website & refers to the mods to the frame I'm talking about (my italics inserted to highlight the relevant bits).

You can indeed insert the conversion in an unmodified frame, you just can't load the cylinder without removing it. (even with the gate installed, but not with the frame modified)

After firing, the conversion cylinder must be removed and the plate lifted off so that the empty brass can be removed with a rod or other suitable object (not included with the cylinder).
This from the second link explains how that conversion HAS to be removed to load the cylinder.

As the other poster remarks it's the process of filing the frame that is the legal dividing line between gun & non-gun.
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