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A similar Shotgun

We have one that is similar, somewhat more ornate. On the flat portion of each barrell, which is hidden when the barrell is attached to the stock, are the words, "ACIER FIN"; there is a small "65" and a crown with a PT; a seal has a circle with words that we cannot make out.

Under the right barrel are the words "CANON TANCET" (The T could also be oart if an F, since the letter is not complete. The number 340 is stamped into the barrell.

There are apparent antlers on both barrells.

The left barrell "ACIER COMPRIME" which is curved over the top of three five-point stars.

There was another similar gun just listed on Ebay, but not as ornate as ours.

We were told it was made in France pre WWII; retrieved from Augsbeurg Germany right after the war.
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