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I'm happy to be part of this elite club. I own 4 FN-49's, 2 in 7x57 and 2 in 8x57, all in nice condition and good shooters. They have their good points just as the Garand does but the FN-49 doesn't have the M-1's battle record. I have 2 M-1's, one in .308 and a 30-06. I would not want to be on the receiving end of either. I do not know if anyone is aware of this but SPRINGFIELD SPORTERS, INC. has an extensive list of spare and replacement parts for the FN-49. It is difficult to find a gunsmith who is up to speed on the FN-49. I found that out when I needed some adjustments on the gas tube of one of my 7mm's. It was literally ripping the brass casings out of the chamber. It is fixed now. Oh, Northridge International has bayonets and frogs for the FN-49. I got canvas M-1 slings from Cheaper than Dirt that clip right on the swivels. Y'all take a look if you need some goodies for your weapons.
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