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French 16ga Acier de surete

I have a french 16Ga with all the usual mysterious markings, I have looked at some old threads on the french guns and they have been very helpful. My gun has some markings that where not mentioned before and for the sake of knowledge I am asking for any comments that may shine more light on this shotgun. Mine has on the flats under the barrels "Acier de Surete" . At the front end of the flats, on each side, the capital letters (MP) on one barrel and (MT) on the other. A three pointed crown with the capital letters PT, Which we know means that the gun was made in St. Etienne . Just ahead of the flats both barrels are marked 17.1. Both flats are marked 65 which means 2 1/2" chambers. A proof mark that looks to me like a crown inside a set of antlers. It's got a sling swivels on the barrels and straight grip English style stock. The serial #'s all match. The post that the forearm snaps to has a very small number 1. The safety does not work on the right barrel, front trigger. Under the left barrel, in small lettering, in a light stamping the letters "aciercomprime" are in an arch. Directly under the letters is an arrow pointing to the left , then a squiggly line , then an arrow pointing to the right. On the right barrel are these letters in capitals and large print, "CANON TANGET". I have another mark that looks like a circle open on the bottom, inside looks like a trumpet or flower pointing to the right with maybe leaves above and below. Also the "Choke Rectifie" mark is inside an oval circle with the word "NOUVEAU" on top and "MONSEUR" on the bottom , Choke Rectifie printed across the middle.
Does anyone have a comment or additional infromation regarding this gun?
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