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BATF Rentals

We here at Shooters Express located just outside of Charlotte, NC do have an indoor pistol and rifle range and have a rental collection of 53 or so firearms including 2 full autos at the present time. Both of our autos are dealer samples. While I am still a novice in the NFA world, having only delt with this for 3 or so years, I know of nothing that says BATF rentals must be transferable, and as many visits as we have from the ATF, I believe I would have been informed of this by now. While we do have 2 Glock 18's at our range, we simply choose not to rent them to the public due to the fact that the average shooter cannot control the pistols and cause to much damage on the range. Not to mention that the 18 would slip into a range bag or pocket should someone not be watching. We do rent both a full auto H&K MP5 and a Colt SBR M16, both in 9mm. I am always looking for others to ad, but cost, maintance, ammo prices and safety are always issues.
By renting off campus, I am assuming you mean, letting them be shot at your outdoor range under suppervision. Again, I do not think this would be an issue so long as an authorized official is present with copies of the paperwork.
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