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I thought that if the law was unconstitutional it would be removed. This is not a "can we please do this again" its a "Hey the law says we can have this and you took it away anyway, so fix it now".
If a law is found unconstitutional then that IS grounds for its repeal. However, the Supreme Court has yet to contradict their findings in U.S. v. Miller that the NFA neither interferes with police authority granted to each State nor conflicts with the rights granted by the 2nd Amendment.

Until such time as either Congress is convinced to repeal the Act or the Supreme Court is convinced that the NFA is unconstitutional, it shall remain in effect.

As I posted in another thread: If we concede the need for restrictions at SOME level then WHO gets to decide where that line is drawn? Wouldn't you just be setting the stage for another legal confrontation?

Micro's suggestion of fighting the NFA article by article, bit by bit, is going to be the only way to gain ground. Even then, people must be prepared to NOT win every have to decide what's really important and what's not..because there WILL be compromise if the day ever comes. So who gets to decide what ground you're willing to give up in order to gain some on another hill?
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