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I have been thinking about this same exact thing the past few days, and here is what I have come up with.

The tax stamp thing doesnt bother me. What does it the fact that its illegal to purchase FA weapons built after 1986. I would more than happily wait 4 months and cough up $200 for the stamp, if I didnt have to pay $18,000 for the FA firearm first. We should be able to purchase them direct from RRA, Bushmaster, and the like for the $1,000 they sell their current guns for.

If you look around the internet a bit, you will discover about 100 ways to attack this issue. The law, in its intirety, makes no sense at all. The firearms that are available to us can be converted to FA for under $30. Do you think the fact that it's illegal will limit criminals to murdering people and robbing banks with legal semi-autos? Apparently the government does.

One of the many reasons the constitution was written to include the 2nd was as a way for we, the people, to keep the government in check. As it stands right now, that would be a nearly impossible task due to our current military.

Basically, if you make something illegal, only criminals will own one.

I wrote an Email to the president of the NRA asking him if he thought the NFA would be repealed at any point in our future. I am still waiting to hear back from him.

This is definitly a battle we could fight and win... absolutly. The problem is getting people to unite. I dont know too many gun owners that wouldnt absolutly love to have a FA for the range... but the simple fact of the matter is noone wants to be the first to make the effort. This includes me. I'm not going to be the first to take the step and risk ending up on the governments poop list over something like this if I don't believe anyone else will make the effort as well.
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