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I have one of these..a British 'Singlepoint', picked it up in a sporting goods store used for peanuts many years ago. Brits put them on shotguns and Sten guns. I tried it on .22's and a .44 carbine. The dot is 16moa...big as a car's hubcap at it's limited to big, close targets.
I found that the dot and target will superimpose, but that there's a technique involved...if you are an experienced 'scope user it's harder; you have learned to somewhat suppress the image from the off eye with regular 'scopes, and you must not, with the OE type. I also found that the image of the dot would 'wander' if I held the sight picture too long.

If they take our guns, I intend to let my hair grow long and acquire the jawbone of an ass.

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