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Ruger 10/22 Standard, Target, Competition

Maybe it's a dead horse that's been beaten to death (maybe more than once)...


Ruger has a new "competition" model 10/22 out for around $800.

Anybody want to chime in with their thoughts on the new "competition" model verses the old "target" model and the "standard" model?

I've never done it but for a while I really had an urge to try accurizing a 10/22 by a method shown to me whereby you get extra long pins that hold the trigger group to the the receiver and you drill holes in the stock so the pins go through the stock, thru the trigger group and thru the other side of the stock. The claim is this holds the receiver in the stock better and the whole gun shoots better.

I had a friend with the "target" model 10/22 from a few years ago (geez...I guess 10 years) who put what I thought was an overly large Nikon scope on his "target" model 10/22 and was only middling happy with the results. He was a dyed in the wool Ruger fanatic though and blamed his scope mount rather than the rifle or the scope.

So anybody, especially if you've had experience with the new factory "competition" model want to chime in?
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