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"The Mossberg won in all categories.

That should give us some reason to think over the idea that the Mossberg is a "poor design". And if it is, the Remington was beat by that "poor" gun, which would make the Remington "poorer".

I'm not sure what shotgun trials you're referring to.
The "trials" that Mossberg entered the 590-A1 in was not what people thought it was.

For a few years Mossberg had ads stating that "Only Mossberg passed the grueling 3000 round US Government test".
That would be because ONLY Mossberg submitted a gun for the test.

Unlike the usual process of different makers submitting test prototypes to be tested to find which was BEST, the government shotgun tests was only a pass-fail test.
If a shotgun could pass the fairly easy test they'd be allowed to submit a bid for the contract.

Since there was no possibility that Remington could make a forged steel receiver shotgun for a lower price then the cast aluminum Mossberg, there was no possibility that Remington would get the contract.
Submitting a shotgun would be a total waste of Remington's time and money.
So, Remington simply didn't bother submitting a gun for the test.
Neither did any other shotgun maker.
The great "test" was taken by only Mossberg, and only they were allowed to submit a bid, which they won.
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