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I’m partial to both the Remington safety and slide release strictly because that’s what I’m used to. My step dad wouldn’t allow me to fish with a spinning reel with the handle on the right side because if you take a baitcaster and roll it around to the bottom the handle will be on the left side like all traditional spinning reels are. I thank him for that now. Funny how the brain works.

If I were to get a 20 Gauge Mossberg like the one that made me want to post this thread, I’d also get a rifled barrel for it so I could shoot those Sabot slugs. I’ve tried to locate an 1100 rifled barrel for my Rem but I’ve yet to find one. I’m not sure they’ve ever made a rifled barrel for an 1100 in 20 Gauge although one can find 1100 rifled barrels for a 12 Gauge.
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