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That's interesting! What are the most typical problems you see with Remingtons? Do you think it's due to Freedom Group quality control issues, or intrinsic problems with the design?

Personally, I just don't like tang safeties. The crossbolt safety of the 870 provides immediate tactile feedback if you try to place your finger on the trigger with the safety on since it protrudes into the finger. Then, it's a fast and almost automatic motion to disengage it.

However, I dislike the slide release on the 870. It's like a left handed version of the Ithaca 37 slide release, which makes it obnoxious for a righty. I've seen it argued that you should never have to press it if you are using the shotgun correctly, except I'm not convinced that basic controls should require removing a hand from the firearm.

I also don't like that the 870 loads with the shell lifter in the down position.
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