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The Mossberg 590 addresses most of the 500's shortcomings and as a personal defense, LE or military shotgun I'd rate the 590 and 870 very close to equal. I still prefer the 870 though.

As a hunting shotgun I like the 870 much better than the 500. It is a more rugged, durable design. But to be fair, few people will shoot one enough to wear out either. When wing shooting balance and naturally pointing are very important. The 870 does that better than any other pump and most auto's.

The Mossberg safety is NOT on the tang. It is mounted on the top of the receiver where it is equally difficult for both right and left handed shooters to use. It is also mounted where it is easily bumped and disengaged as it is being handled and the plastic tab is easily broken. Going to a steel safety tab is one of the upgrades on the 590.

If someone likes a safety mounted in that position Browning does a much better job with their BPS pump. In fact if considering quality pump shotguns the BPS needs to be in the conversation too. I'd rate them better than Mossberg.

If operated correctly the CBS mounted behind the trigger guard on the 870 is faster to operate and more positive even for lefty's. It is about learning proper technique.

And it CAN be reversed. My brother shoots an 870 lefty and considered having his reversed. But decided that the possibility of creating confusion if anyone else used it outweighed the advantages. Using it as is doesn't slow him down in the least.
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