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The Mossberg has a cast aluminum receiver and mostly stamped and some?? plastic internal parts.
The Mossberg trigger guard is plastic on the 500.

The Remington receiver is solid steel, machined from a massive block of forged steel.
The internals are heavy duty fabricated parts that seldom ever break.
Some models of the 870 have a plastic trigger guard, the Wingmaster and Police models use a trigger guard made of compressed powdered aluminum.
Some people think the 870 plastic trigger guard is actually better because it's self lubricating and won't break if hit hard.

About 95% of all American law enforcement departments and Federal agencies use the Remington 870-P Police model because it has a long record of standing up to abusive police use.

The Mossberg 500 model failed in police use and in order to make it in the LE and military contract market they made some changes to the basic Model 500 and introduced the Model 590 series.
These are still the basic Model 500 design only upgraded, mostly in the magazine assembly to copy the 870 mag assembly.
These are tougher then the 500 but most LE and Feds still buy the 870-P Police model.

The 870 is still the pump shotgun all others are compared to, and most still can't better it.
According to ultra-high volume clay shooters the aluminum guns like the Mossberg will begin to fail and crack around 75,000 rounds.
The Remington 870 will usually begin developing cracks around the ejection port at about 250,000 rounds.

I used to know a big city police department armorer and he would joke that his 870 parts supply would fit in a shoe box with enough room left for a burger and fries.
He said that almost all of his repairs were broken stocks, knocked off bead sights, and crush/bent barrels.
The 870 is said to be the only pump gun that can stand up to the police night watch version of "Hold my beer and watch this".

Many people like the top of the receiver safety of the Mossberg and some people dislike the location of the Remington slide release.

A disadvantage of the Mossberg 500 is the magazine tube is difficult to access for cleaning, and you can't install a magazine extension unless you buy another type barrel.

The 870 has an easy clean, straight through magazine tube and an extension can be mounted easily, although the Express model has to have two small lugs in the front end of the mag tube removed or pressed out before an extension can be mounted.
The Mossberg 590 series copied the Remington 870 easy-clean magazine tube assemble at the demand of the military and police.

Both will serve very well for a civilian shooter, so it comes down to which brand you like, and what type of safety location you prefer.
According to recent buyers Remington is curing the quality problems that were caused by the last owners before the company was acquired by the current owners.
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