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Unfortunately, that's the way Gabe is.
I believe you. That's exactly the problem. Like I said before my impression is that he was really talking from the heart, speaking his core beliefs about crime, violence, justice and social issues. IMO, based on several things that I read in other places, this is consistent. It's disturbing that the wingnuts used to hang out at the bars, now they are on the web, and some of them have millions of followers.

IF he was given a mental health assessment, I deeply suspect that many examiners would have his weapons taken away from him through legal channels. I am not sure if a detailed and deeper examination would do so, the examiner would need to find solid evidence that he is a danger to himself or others because he is in possession of firearms, and that taking those firearms would prevent that danger.

He's an "authority" so it's hard for people to throw him under the bus, call him out for the things that he passes to the public like an evangelist passes the word of God.

I am wondering what happened during the possibly thousands of man hours of discussion that led to a plea bargain down from a felony. That seems to be a little unusual given the seriousness of that offense. That's a big one. But the felony would have denied him the opportunity to "move on with his life" and keep his job as a trainer, and continue his business as a dealer of combat weapons. That was probably a long series of tough negotiations.

What sort of doctor declared him unfit for employment anyway?
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