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Nonsense. EVERYBODY puts out a bad one every once in a while. No one is exempt. If you really believe otherwise, you're living in fantasyland.

I wish I had a nickel for every time I've seen someone get on a board running down a leathermaker, gunsmith or manufacturer only to find out that there's a lot being left out. There are three sides to every story and we've only heard one. Sno Seal recommends heating the leather before applying their product, I have to wonder if it might've gotten too hot.

He received a leather product and proceeded to slather it with an aftermarket treatment. I do part-time leatherwork and no, I wouldn't honor any warranty either. Use it normally as-issued and yes, of course. Modify it in any way or treat it with anything but a light application of oil and if it falls in half both halves are yours. Do you really expect a leathermaker to replace a holster that someone has treated with an aftermarket waterproofer???

Try calling one of your perfect makers and ask them if Sno Seal voids the warranty, particularly if it causes the problem in the first place.
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