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Curiously watching this thread stag. Enjoy your work and I really like the idea of the .350L. Ready to ditch my .450BM and .450Corvette to switch to the L, but I will be patient. I jumped on the .224V too soon and frankly, it really does not do much more than my 5.56Nato pressure loaded match ammo from the 223Wylde chambered guns. Sold my original and will be unloading the JP barrel kit instead of building one up.
I wouldn't worry about it in a bolt-action rifle that is assembled compliant with ptg's gages. Should be a simple call to the manufacturer prior to buying one. The auto loader world is a bit more of the "Wild West" as they are probably--or should I say the shooting public is--working out the foibles (224 valk deja vu) and kinks. If you stack the tolerances enough, get the right (wrong) extension configuration and combine it with a cartridge and/or brass with lack of head support--it's a toss of the dice IMO.
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