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The problem I have is that I dont understand how the anti-gun proponent continues to be blind to the premise that it is not the gun that is the real underlying problem, but the person using the gun with malicious intent as being the problem.
Because to some ignorant people guns simply look "scary" and "evil". So, they stereotype anyone who has or likes guns with these scary and evil images.

I'm glad I got married later in life. It permitted me to date all kinds of women. One, self-admittedly, was not all that bright. When I finally told her about my guns, her immediate reaction was "Ewwww, guns are evil". The sight of a firearms scared her - sort of like looking at a boogyman. She viewed firearms like some people would view the Devil in person, or a collection of Voodoo dolls. It's as simple (and stupid) as that. I could have talked about "freedom", "2nd Amendment", "counterbalance to tyranny", on and on until you are blue in the face, and all this particular girl cared about was how soon she could have her next smoke (cigarette) and drink. We truly live in a country full of addicts and idiots.
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