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Re: Benelli SuperNova What Do I Need To Know?

Originally Posted by Doublea A View Post
Hello fellow enthusiast,
I have decided to branch into the shotgun arena as I'm interested in turkey hunting etc. I am considering buying the Benelli SuperNova 12-GA with the Comfortech in a 24 inch barrel length.

Please I need some help with the following questions.

1. Is it a reliable and accurate shotgun?

2. Should I be concerned with the recoil and opt for 20-GA instead?

3. Are the Tritium Ghost-Ring inserts sights a good choice for this purpose?

4. Are the extended special-purpose chokes necessary?

5. What are the best shells to use both for hunting game and self-defense?

Thank you
Don't overlook Beretta in this category. I've owned two Benelli shotguns, sold them both. Had the Super Nova, but it kicked like a mule. I willll say that it was VERY reliable. I'm not exaggerating when I say I shot a case of shells through it in a weekend and never a single jam. However, due to my high shot count and its lack of recoil reduction, I had to pass it on. My current 12 gauge lineup consists of the following and I won't be considering another Benelli for a while.

1. Beretta A300 Outlander - Best performance for value, hardly kicks at all compared to my Benelli sn configured the same way.

2. Winchester SX3 NWTF Cantilever Turkey with 24" barrel! Love this gun for everything but kind of pricey compared to the Benelli and Beretta.

3. Winchester 1400 mkii. Just an old shotgun I picked up at a gun show for 80 bucks!
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