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Spats McGee

1) A $1000 gun;
2) $500 in ammunition; and
3) $1000 in a reloading setup and supplies.

(Mind you, I do not have the foggiest idea on how much a reloading setup or supplies cost, so it might be $1000 of ammo, and $500 of reloading stuff.)

I know that this isn't nearly as exciting as some of the other stuff that's been posted, but I could do a lot of shooting with that. I would truly, truly hate to buy a $2500 gun and then discover that I couldn't afford to shoot it.

Yeah, I'd have a hard time justifying buying a $2500 especially one I could not afford to shoot whenever I want to.
I put a long (More than a year) time thinking about buying this gun. In fact, I was going to buy it piece by piece little by little, but hey, now I don't have to do that. Although I won't see the finished product for 5-6 weeks, I'm very happy with my purchase's. I still have $800 on hand. Now, time to buy 10mm ammo.
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