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I wanted to post a shot of the internals before the range pictures. The FNS 9c is pretty standard fare as far as striker fired pistols are concerned. Slide features the standard striker block, barrel lockup seems standard for production pistols being about the same tightness as an M&P (maybe a bit tighter), and the recoil spring is a captive spring that features two stages as opposed to the single spring width of the M&P 9c. The frame is similar to the M&P, though I will note that after shooting there were a number of crannies I needed a Q-tip for in terms of cleaning. The locking block up front is very stout as is the sear housing block at the rear. The rails at the rear of the FNS 9c run the full length of the sear housing block as opposed to the protrusions on the M&P 9c. Honestly I've never found full length rails necessary but that's just my personal opinion.

Slides, barrels, and recoil springs (M&P 9c on the left, FNS 9c on the right):

Frames (M&P 9c on the left, FNS 9c on the right):
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