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6.5mm cartridge imput request


I'm looking to build a 6.5mm gun and i can't seem to find a cartridge that will fire the bergre 140g Match VLD bullet at the velocity of ~3600fps. I'm thinking i might have to create my own wildcat in order to get the exterior ballistics I'm looking for. If no one knows of a current wildcat that should be able to propel the 140g bullet to ~3600 fps i would be interested in current cartridges to start with. I'd prefer it to be a short action, but i think i may have to go with a long. The 300RUM or 6.5-284 seemed like a good place to start, but I'm unsure how how to estimate powder usage. I'd like the cartridge to be nearly full to have maximum load density, and remove variations.

If anyone has any input and I'm sure i will plenty, it would be much appreciated.

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